Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Game for the Nintendo Wii

Fire Emblem is one of the best strategy RPGs of all time. It has a lot of version already and some of them are even ported to different gaming consoles.

The Nintendo platform is home to some of the Fire Emblem games. Today, we are going to talk about a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem game called the “Path of Radiance”.

The Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Game for the Nintendo Wii is that sequel and it has all of the characters that are present in its predecessor and there are also some original ones present as well.

Radiant Dawn has a different approach when it comes to its storyline. There are four main parts of the story, each of them having a prologue chapter and an endgame chapter.

Each part of the story ultimately ties together to allow the player to understand the events that have transpired.

The game starts three years after the events of the Mad King’s War (which was the war in the previous game). Crimea was the kingdom who ultimately won the war, leaving Daein in chaos.

Since there was no true successor to the Daein empire, the kingdom was ruled by a handful of nobles and corrupt imperial soldiers.

The story begins with some Daein Rebels called the “Dawn Brigade”. The Dawn Brigade was able to locate the rightful heir to the Daein throne, a prince by the name of “Pelleas”.

After Pelleas’ appearance, Daein was ultimately won back and the corrupt nobles and imperial soldiers were cast out of the kingdom.

After the events of Daein, it was now time to focus on Crimea. Crimea, albeit won the war, was still in the process of rebuilding. Unfortunately, the current ruler’s commands were questioned by the military, and thus, a coup d etat ensued. After internal affairs were restored, the game then shifts to the main storyline.

The main gist of the story is about Crimea and Daein, once again, in a battle because of certain events that transpired in the game. The player must win the battle, and should he/she complete certain events, they will have different endings.

The Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Game for the Nintendo Wii pretty much retains all of the characters present in the first game except Largo. It still has the same battle system mechanics wherein you will be presented with a square board and your units as well as the enemy units will be placed in different parts of the battlefield.

Since the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Game for the Nintendo Wii doesn’t really have a solid main character, the player will be able to control different factions depending on the story arc he/she is currently in.

Even though this game has a “permanent death” feature where previously defeated characters will not be present in the game anymore, there are some exceptions to this rule. This exception only applies to key characters, though.

The Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Game for the Nintendo Wii is a very good addition to the Fire Emblem roster. With its multifaceted storyline, this game will never bore you.