Understanding Nintendo DS and its existing storage devices

In the current world, the gaming consoles are one of the widely used and best selling gadgets throughout the world. Millions of people always consider buying the famous type of gaming console which is known as the Nintendo. This gaming console is really very popular among the regular console video game players usually from the later 70s to sill now. From the earlier versions to the latest versions of the Nintendo console gaming devices, there are a lot of upgrades and new features given by the leading manufacturing companies worldwide.

Nintendo gaming consoles:

The beginning editions of those console devices usually lacked the basic portability feature because the players had to sit in the specific place to play their favorite games and there are no any other options to convert your device into other forms. But there are a lot of changes and upgrades insisted in the successive versions of the nintendo device in order to rectify all of the problems involved in the previous versions of the console device. By this way, the players of the latest versions of the Nintendo platforms include the greatest portability to give excellent new console platforms for all players. When the players of this console gaming platform would like to afford the portability, the DS was basically designed to give the lesser weight than the usual console platforms.

But the early version wouldn’t have any in-built storage device to store any software or games as you prefer. As the result, the players were pushing into the use of external storage device which is known as the flash card to be inserted into your Nintendo device to store the content and play on your console device. The recent version of the nintendo device has more upgrades and includes the memory slot in which the players can add your gaming card with the micro SD card. Such devices are usually coming with the special slots to insert these types of storage cards like R4 cards for saving games, software and other necessary items.

Various storage cards and respective features:

Different cards usually have to be used for the varied models of the DS device. But from among them, R4 cards are the most popular and frequently used type of card to enjoy your game play better.

This kind of card usually very popular to give the best entertainment of gameplay to all the Nintendo DS users.

When it comes to the R4 cards used in the nintendo console gaming platform, they are usually coming in the various editions according to the type and edition of Nintendo DS device you are using.

The original and widely used models of the Nintendo DS devices include original DS model, DSI XL model, DS Lite model, DSi model along with the latest version of the Nintendo 3DS model.

The players can make use of your original R4 DS gaming cards on both the DS and also DS Lite models of the Nintendo console gaming devices.